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Disciple Disciples to Disciple



      Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:19-20 to go an make disciples of every nation. But what did He mean "make disciples"? For too long in the modern day church we have defined discipleship as come and listen to my teachings and then I hope you go out and experience it and learn something. In Jesus' day the typical model of discipleship was to gather students and teach them what you knew. But Rabbi Jesus turns this model upside down. Instead, Jesus' approach was to "Follow" him and experience the Kingdom of God that you might become who He was. Where other rabbis offered a reputation, Jesus required His disciples to deny themselves, take up their cross, and receive eternal understanding that would transform the world and redefine history forever. The Jubilee 3D Conference is less about gaining knowledge or hearing great sermons. This is a conference to allow those who want to embrace Jesus' model of discipleship and experience the life changing and world shaking power of God in their journey.


Getting back to Gospel Basics

Dependency on Christ

Developing an Effective Discipleship Strategy

Discipleship By Design

Discipleship in a Dysfunctional Day

The Cost of Discipleship

Discipling Today's Men

Discipling Today's Woman

Discipling the Next Generation




General Session 1: 20 September - Friday

7:00 pm Jubilee Worship Ministry

8:00 pm Speaker


General Session 2: 21 September - Saturday

10:00 am Jubilee Worship Ministry

Breakout Workshops: 11:00-12:30 pm

General Session 3: 21 September - Saturday

7:00 pm Jubilee Worship Ministry

8:00 pm Speaker

General Session 4: 22 September - Sunday

10:30 am Jubilee Worship Ministry

11:30 am Speaker

General Session 5: 22 September - Sunday

7:00 pm Jubilee Worship Ministry

8:00 pm Speaker