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Operating in Your Spiritual Gifts


Each of us are given gifts by God to use for His glory and for the edification of the Body of Christ. Operating in Your Spiritual Gifts presents Biblical foundational principles for learning to serve the Body of Christ with the gifts that God has given you through the power of the Holy Spirit. This book contains questions at the end of each section and may be used as a group study. "This author will take you on a journey, both personal and practical to know the Holy Spirit as you have never known Him. You will receive fresh instruction how to hear His voice and release the fullness of His gifts and power through your daily life and ministry." Dr. Lindell Ballenger, Jubilee Ministries International "In his book, Operating in Your Spiritual Gifts, Dr. Barham teaches that the key to operating in spiritual gifts is not our talent but a pure and clean heart before the Lord. I have read countless books on spiritual gifts but few teach that the effective use of the spiritual gifts flow from a vibrant face-to-face relationship with the Lord. Dr. Barham brings clarity and understanding to the subject of spiritual gifts." Dr. Douglas Wheeler, Author of Betrothed, An Intimate Face-to Face Walk with God and Pastor of Grace Fellowship

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