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The Jubilee Discipleship Program is a non-residential 14-month minimum mentoring and discipleship program. The goal is to not only increase your Biblical proficiency but to strengthen your Christian resolve and relationship with Jesus Christ. It is to help you grow and succeed in every aspect of your life and relationships. It is to help you find and embrace your God given identity in Christ and fulfill your divine purpose. In this program we seek to help you overcome obstacles and develop a solid vision for your future in our organization and in Christ. The desire is that students return to their communities to apply the skills learned with the assistance of a Jubilee volunteer mentor. The program is a 14 month minimum but we pray you develop lifetime relationships. Mentors assist students in seeking further education, looking for employment, learning to be Biblical husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, friends, servants in their church, instructors, leaders in their communities, etc. Mentors alco act as role models and participate in at least monthly activities with the students to encourage them in pursuing their established short-term and long-term/life-time goals.



1. Must be a professing and active Christian.

2. Provide a Pastoral Reference Letter.

3. Must be willing and available to commit a minimum of 14 months to at least one activity with student per month.

4. Must be at least 21 years of age.

5. Not of same household, immediate family member (mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, foster parent, legal guardian).

6. Living within reasonable geographic proximity of the student.

7. Must be the same gender as the student/mentoree.

8. Must be of sound Christian Character.

9. Complete Jubilee Discipleship/Mentor Application and Training

10. Be willing to commit to monthly reports on mentoring progress.

We will never say that mentoring is easy, only that it is worth it. Mentoring is the lifeblood of leadership development in this organization. It does not matter if you have mentoring skills, all you need is a sincere desire and commitment to help map out a positive future for a student and help them grow in a deeper commitment to Christ Jesus. It is however, easier to foster a desired outcome, if the mentor and student have a previous, positive established relationship within the context of our organization.