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Discipleship Tools

One major misconception about mentoring is that it has to be a constant activity based process. Actually, the most successful mentoring does not occur when focused on activities but sincere relational conversation about life and life skills. It is about the impartation and impression of principles and precepts of godly wisdom and instruction. This can occur around activities from hiking to simply having a cup of coffee together; it can occur from training together or praying together. Some have said, "It is not the quantity of time I spend but the quality." In fact, it is both. If you only see the person you are mentoring when they have a crisis or on special occasions that happen to fit your schedule, regardless of the quality of time, you have not fostered a true relationship but an acquaintance. As well, when you spend time with your mentoree you need to be un-distracted. Turn your cell phone off, look them in the eyes and have a real conversation.