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  Welcome to Jubilee Church

24014 North Highway 365, Maumelle, AR 72113 

Tasks we need help with:

The following are tasks that the church staff need assistance with. The church will provide all required materials and tools. Coordination with church staff will need to be made to access facilities during the times you are available to serve. Anyone may assist with these tasks who desires to serve the Lord with their time and skills regardless of where they are at in the Jubilee Growth Track.

  • Mission 2535 (Collect donations, assemble back packs, coordinate with business for table presentation, assist with delivery)
  • Operation Soldier Care (Collect donations, transport and deliver donations to Camp Robinson Post Chapel)
  • Restocking water bottles, offering envelopes, and visitor Connect Cards
  • Updating entry digital signage
  • Teaching material production (reproducing and binding training manuals for courses)
  • Proof Reading and Editing for books and training materials
  • Assisting with set up and clean up of special events to include conferences, special services, banquets, etc.

Ministry areas where you are needed:

The following are ministry areas where you are needed. These areas of ministry require that are members have completed at least Phase 1 (Connect Class) and Phase 2 (Life Basics and Freedom Encounter) of the Jubilee Growth Track. Some areas of responsibility may require a Local Area Background Check (LAC). Some areas may require advanced technical training and competency evaluation.

  • Sound Technician
  • Video Technician
  • Lighting Technician
  • Running the Song and Scripture computer during services
  • Media Production Technician
  • Network Manager
  • Door Greeter
  • Usher Ministry
  • Nursery Ministry (LAC Required)
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Bible College Administrative Assistant
  • Worship Ministry
  • Dance Ministry
  • Jube Kidz Church (LAC Required)
  • Visual Arts Ministry(Painting, Graphic Design, Photography)
  • Jubilee World Missions
  • Dorcus House Representative
  • The CALL Representative
  • Youth Mentoring Ministry Representative (Youth Challenge; Immerse)
  • Prison Ministry (Tucker Maximum Security Prison; LAC Required)
  • Church shopping and/or pickup
  • Pastoral Care (Hospital visitations, guest follow up, absent member calls and cards)
  • Guest minister care (hotel reservations/confirmations, directions to hotel and church, care baskets in hotel room, reserved parking, ushering, water, wifi, reserved seating, etc.)
  • Tutoring (LAC Required)
  • Teaching Spanish or Teaching English to Spanish speaking people
  • Gideon Representative

Serving to Advance the Vision:

The following are areas of ministry where we need men and women like you to step up and serve the Lord with passion and commitment. These areas require that members have completed the entire Jubilee Growth Track and are willing to undergo a Local Area Background Check (LAC).

  • Men's Ministry Legacy Team Leader
  • Women's Ministry
  • Children's Ministry Leader (LAC Required)
  • New Member Mentor
  • Connect Life Group Leader
  • Youth Ministry Pastors (Husband and Wife Team only; LAC Required)
  • Jubilee Martial Arts Instructor (Must be at least a Green Belt in this technique; LAC Required)
  • Nursery Ministry Administrator (LAC Required)
  • Church Secretary (LAC Required)
  • Pastoral Assistant (LAC Required)
  • Jubilee College International Instructor (Must have at least an Associates Degree or be a licensed and ordained minister)
  • Jubilee Growth Track Instructor
  • Visual Arts Ministry Administrator and Curator
  • Prison Ministry Director (Must be a licensed and ordained minister; LAC Required)
  • Website Administration
  • Jubilee Social Media Administration
  • English to Spanish Translator
  • English to Spanish text translation