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Small Group Environment:

After participating in worship, kids travel back to their small group classroom where their leaders help them understand how the day's bottom line can fit into their everyday life. Small group leaders are serious about having fun with kids and passionate about teaching the TRUTH. We want kids to see how God's word fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to Him, and to build friendships that will last. Every Sunday they connect with the same small group of kids and the same small group leader. That way they get connected and we have the best chance to establish a relationship that's going to matter when they need it most.

For the Parents:

Jubilee KIDZ is dedicated to partnering with parents at raising kids with strong values and their own intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father. We believe that We can only do this with support of families to train our children to pursue a life that pleases the Lord.

The average child will spend over 1000 hours every year in school and they will spend less than 100 hours in church. The average parent has more than 10 times the opportunities to discuss spiritual issues in one year than a church leader does in 10 years. The church has limited potential to impact the heart of your child. WHAT HAPPENS AT HOME in many ways is more important than what happens at church!