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Mission Trips 2016:


Panama                                 TBD

Life Church in Morelos, MX      March 2016

Uganda                                   TBD

Nicarugua                                TBD

Local, National, and International Ministries we support and work with:


Jubilee World Missions – A ministry of Jubilee International of Pensacola, FL; Little Rock, AR; Tulsa, OK; New York; and Washington D.C. that is affiliated with and supports all organizations listed herein. Jubilee World Missions provides help with everything from food to education to orphans, disaster victims, and the less fortunate throughout Arkansas, the United States, and the world.

Feed the Children – A US Organization committed to feeding starving children in the United States

Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime- A local organization that connects foster children with forever homes.

Children World Embassy – An international organization that provides  medical assistance, water wells, food, shelter, clothing, and other care for the poor and orphaned in nations such as Romania.

The Dove House- An orphanage in Romania

Falco’s Home- An orphanage and medical center in Tanzania

Mercy’s House - An orphanage in Allende, Mexico

Martial Arts for Missions – A US martial arts organization that establishes martial arts schools and programs for orphans and impoverished communities throughout the United States and other nations to teach leadership, character, and self-esteem.


The Han Center – An Arkansas based organization that provides educational assistance and after school programs for children throughout Arkansas.


Father’s Heart – An international organization that provides food and shelter for children and the impoverished throughout  Latin America and East Africa.

Motorcycles for Missions – A Florida based organization that provides motorcycles for pastors throughout East Africa.

United Team International – An organization of churches, pastors, and other Christian Non-Profit groups together to connect and share resources to meet the needs of impoverished people throughout the world.

Campus Crusade for Christ – An organization established to translate the Bible and Jesus film into every language in the world. Many other organization are subsidiaries to include Focus on the Family, A Weekend to Remember, and Military Ministry.

Military Ministry – An organization dedicated to providing family care, counsel, and assistance to military families.

Dorcus House – A local Little Rock organization that provides shelter and care for battered women and their children.

Little Rock Compassion Center – A local Little Rock organization that provides food and shelter for homeless men in Central Arkansas.