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  Welcome to Jubilee Church

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Worship and Arts


Here at Jubilee we believe in equipping people in using the gifts and talents God has given in the arts to worship and glorify Him. We seek to redeem the arts for which we believe God has granted them to us. We understand not only the biblical significance of the arts but the cultural relevance and impact they have in our society throughout history.

Our worship team seeks to encourage and incorporate those with musical abilities from playing instruments to singing. Our desire is to see God create a place for everyone to serve with their gifts in everything from children's ministry and services to conferences and outreaches and much more. As well we seek to help people learn and grow in their abilities and impart these gifts generationally for generations of worshipers. Being on the worship team requires membership, commitment, faithfulness, a sound biblical lifestyle, relationship with God and integrity. More Information
Our media ministry is an essential part of serving the Lord in worship and facilitating the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit in both worship, teaching, and spreading the gospel of Christ to the nations. More Information

The Jubilee Dance and Tambourine Team is an expressive arts ministry we call "Joyful Expressions." The team dances weekly during worship services as well as special performances during holiday services and special events such as conferences and outreaches. More Information. At Jubilee we also incorporate others arts such as painting and poetry. Painters paint during worship services, outreaches, and other special events. Our poetry team writes and read poetic works as well to be incorporated into our worship. And our drama team conducts dramas in the streets during outreaches. More Information