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501 Young Adults Ministry

501 (ages 18 to 30 years) meets quarterly for various activities, events, fellowship and devotions. Regularly meet Sundays 7:00pm (except the first Sunday of the month). To find out the next 501 event visit our church calendar at http://www.thejube.org/calendar .

501 Ministry Plan for 2019


First Week - Worship

Second Week - Teaching

Third Week - Fellowship

Fourth Week - Outreach

Fifth Week - Wild Card (Coppocks Home)

1ST (Skating; Bowling; Vortex)
Barry and Alison Legget; Saunders; Harry Thomas
Walmart Prophetic Ministry; Soul Food Cafe (Angie);Food Funnel (Blakley)
Rice Depot (Hunter); Home Prayers
 2nd (FunPark; Trampoline; Escape Rm)
Johnny Barham; Barham Sisters; Ervin Ingram
The Van (Angie); The Stork (Collin); Love Life (Collin)
 3rd (Hiking; Fishing; Volleyball)
Ronnie Grice; James Coppock; Pastors Marvin & Angie
Right2Life (Abby); Serve a Church; VBS (Blakley)
 4th (Rock Climbing; Dave & Busters; Kickball)
Bethany Sprouse; Pastors Woody & Claudia; Brennan & Alysia Wells
South Africa or Guatemala MIssion